What problem is your business solving for your customers?

Your business will only succeed if you are solving a problem for your customers. And your business will be even more successful if that involves solving a big, painful problem.

Whether you’re working in a small business or a big corporate, you can define the problem you’re solving, the painpoints your customes are experiencing and a solution.

1. Define the problem

What’s the biggest problem your customers are experiencing? No doubt there are many but what’s the one that stands out the most? Right now, if you’re in Auckland and in Lockdown 4 restrictions, one major problem is getting food. So if you’re in the food business, and customers big problem is getting food….you’ve just defined a big problem.

2. Define the painpoints

Painpoints can be defined as areas of frustration your customers are experiencing. Right now, if getting to the supermarket, queuing, risking being in the same environment as a potential Delta carrier, wearing a mask…those are all painpoints. So if your business is in the Food sector, solving some of those problems by delivering food to the door is overcoming some pretty major pain points.

3. Create a story

If you can make your story relatable to your customers, they’ll connect emotionally and that’s the North Star as far as building brands goes. Create a character, give them a personality, express it in a way that your customer can relate to.

“This is Pam. Pam is juggling working from home, homeschooling 2 children and getting to the supermarket. She’s worried about the risk of getting Covid, she hates queueing and that it takes so much time out of her day just to buy food”

Once you’ve worked out what your story is, you can also work out how your business solves that problem and create a problem statement.

4. Create a Problem Statement

So if you’re in the food business, and you know the problems and the painpoints, you can create a story to communicate what you’re going to do to solve that problem.

Make sure your problem statement is concise and connects to the problem – so a problem / solution statement.

We create bespoke Food Boxes packed with essential groceries, fruit and vegetables, delivered to your door, at a time that suits you all with contactless delivery.

This creates a platform for you to communicate to customers who you are and what you do and to connect with them emotionally because you’re actually solving a problem for them.

Give it a go and see how you can reframe how your business solves problems for your customers.

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