Who's looking at your data, kid?

If you’re a CMO type, you have no doubt got a team of experts providing regular analysis of your customer data, duly emailed to you for your monthly board report!

Trouble is, you’re likely a few steps removed from the data & are making business decisions from the analysis of others to inform your strategies & plans. Which is fine if everything is going well.

But what if you actually got on the tools yourself?

As the most senior Marketer in the business, your expertise is the reason you’re in the room. Yet despite this, it can be left to others to interpret the most valuable sources of information about your customers & make recommendations on how the insights can be applied.

I’m a firm believer in diving into data to get to know how customers are actually behaving. It leads to creating powerful insights and actions as a result.

So if there’s one thing you do this week, logon to your Google Analytics or Social Media Platforms, your CRM & any other dashboard analysis you have in your business & spend some time in the weeds of the data.

It might take some time, but I’ve no doubt that you will uncover some surprising data that makes you think harder about your customer strategies than if you’d had it handed to you by someone else..

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