Do you know what your customers THINK about your brand, products or services?

The first place we start when we're working with a new client is to understand their customers. Through a combination of data analysis, sales analysis, a raft of website and social analytics and market research, a very clear understanding emerges about the state of their business and the opportunities for growth.

Almost always, we are able to share some surprising customer insights with the owners of businesses who simply don't know where to start when it comes to deepening their understanding of their customers. And those insights often present immediate opportunities to improve marketing strategies and sales.

What tends to be the most surprising though is that Market Research and Analysis does not have to cost a lot of money. Simple questionnaires with great tools like SurveyMonkey and Typeform can deliver insightful results without breaking the bank and a good marketer can interpret these results and create strategies for change quickly and effectively.

This Family Survey that we completed at Starship is a pretty good example of just that. As a quick dip into customer experience, it's cheap, timely, focused and easy to complete. Families are able to give immediate feedback and based on our experience, I have no doubt that the team at Starship act on it pretty quickly.

There are always going to be projects where in-depth customer research along with the requisite statistical tools and analysis is going to be necessary - for the rest, a simple survey emailed to customers - or popped on to the end of a hospital bed - is a great start.


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